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Normal or Cesarean Delivery, Which one is best?

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Cesarean Delivery

According to one statistic, the number of cesarean deliveries is increasing. If you’re unsure which course of action to take, speak with a gynecologist in Vijayawada. Depending on your existing situation, she will inform you better what your medical circumstances demand and which strategy is ideal for the birth of your kid.

Dr. Rekha Prabhu, one of the known OB-GYNs in Vijayawada, provides the best treatment possible for her patients. Discuss all of your alternatives for a healthy pregnancy with our doctor when you see him or her to make sure neither your health nor the health of your unborn child is jeopardized.

How can they improve the likelihood of a natural birth versus a cesarean?


Most crucial, raise the degree of physical exercise every day. The amount of daily exercise has dramatically dropped, which has led to an increase in cesarean sections.

Many women struggle to control their labour or don’t pass through the period as smoothly as they need to. Women now find labour discomfort to be a lot easier to endure thanks to painless normal delivery. The gynecologist should be consulted on the condition.

Make careful to maintain a healthy eating pattern both before and throughout your pregnancy. Never consume junk food, whether at home or when out and about. Make careful to maintain a healthy food pattern since the little things have a greater effect than you would think.

In the event that your pregnancy is high-risk, it’s crucial to take precautions to lessen the likelihood of difficulties including growth limitation, hypertension, diabetes, and other health problems.

Throughout your pregnancy, paying attention to all the little details and taking your gynecologist’s advice is crucial. Knowledgeable and cautious behaviour is required.

Do you intend to get pregnant?


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