Dr Rekha Prabhu

10 Incredible Things Babies Do in the Womb

Catagory: Obstetrics    Author: Dr Rekha Prabhu


This site is for women who are constantly interested in learning about what their unborn children are doing inside their wombs. Here are some fascinating facts about what happens to newborns inside the womb while their moms continue to fight off the symptoms that occasionally appear as the baby develops over the course of days and weeks.

  1. The unborn kid begins to breathe through the umbilical cord and develops the necessary life skills to adapt to the outer world in the ninth week of pregnancy.
  2. Beginning in the 15th week, a baby developing within the womb begins to exhibit preferences for sweet flavours due to an increase in amniotic fluid consumption.
  3. Between the 27th and 28th week of pregnancy, a baby will begin to open and close its eyes in response to light signals.
  4. The newborn begins peeing at the end of the first trimester after ingesting amniotic fluid. In the 30th week of pregnancy, mothers may feel their newborns urinating.
  5. According to 4D scans, an unborn baby begins to grin during the 26th week of the pregnancy. The newborn learns this additional life skill as it gets ready to interact with the outside world.
  6. Only at the start of the first trimester may mothers feel their baby hiccup, although this is not always the case. While some moms may not experience it at all, others could.
  7. When a newborn first exits the womb, they immediately begin to cry as an indication that the oxygen supply is enough. You’ll be astounded to find that kids start crying in the womb, another life skill they acquire before to birth.
  8. A baby inside the womb begins responding to outside noise sometime during the third trimester. Mothers may or may not feel a small kick or jerk when the baby responds.
  9. When a mother views an ultrasound image of her unborn child yawning while in the womb, she could find it amusing.
  10. Babies within the womb start connecting with the mother during the final 10 weeks of pregnancy when they begin to hear the mother’s voice.

Mothers form bonds with their children long before they give birth, and raising their children is the happiest experience of their lives.